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The Avengers : Dawn of Thanos (2020)


 December 25, 2020  |   Runtime: 7hr30min   |  Rating:  R  |  Editor:  FireMerk 

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers must come together to form The Avengers to stop a dark presence, known as Thanos, from murdering trillions throughout the universe.

Childish humor is gone, as FireMerk takes the MCU into unknown territories.  Every MCU film will be featured to help tell an original story, with new music, a new color grade, and too many surprises to count on one hand.  Maybe two.

Chapter I: 3hr14min

Chapter II: 56min

Chapter III: 1hr6min

Chapter IV: 1hr

Chapter V: 1hr15min 

Season Two | Christmas 2022

For the full cut list or a download link for this movie, please email the editor.


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